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“ Qmax -intelligent electronic system(Voltage Stabilizer) is to minimize voltage fluctuation /reduce distortion and etc. This will allow ECU/electrical and electronic to work more efficiently with greater precision. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficiently.”

Benefits / Effects (Qmax Voltage Stabilizer – Voltage Management System)

• Improved gas mileage – “up to 21% better fuel economy”

• Reduced emissions – “up to 80% reduction of HC”

• Improved engine’s efficiency

• Double protection from short circuit

• Double layered circuit board

• Prolong electrical and electronic parts life

• Increase electrical/electronic equipment’ efficiency

• Extend battery lifespan.

• Patented in numerous countries around the world

• Longest warranty available, 1+4 years

• SIRIM QAS International certified.

• Simple installation. No modification required, just add-on or plug and play.

Qmax Voltage Stabilizer Model & Installation

Qmax Voltage Stabilizer (Voltage Management System) – Battery Charging Test Result

The test is carried out using highly acclaimed Auto Test Battery Analyser from Australia. currently used in Malaysia by Spanco, Shell auto serv, Yokohama battery manufacturer in Singapore by Honda, BMW, Toyota, Aston Martin & Subaru service centre.

On 12 Apr 2010 Prior installation of any products on this SUV, its battery condition is analysed. Then a range of Qmax products installed. This included Qmax Voltage Stabilizer, Qmax Nano-Tech Grounding Cables, Qmax Nano Air & Qmax Nano Energy Saver.

After 1 year… the car engine can still be started as easy as before. (26 May 2011) With Qmax Nano-Tech Grounding Cables, Qmax Voltage Stabilizer, Qmax Nano Energy Saver & Qmax Nano Air. It will improve and maintain the car battery at Good condition. The results, longer lasting battery life!

LED Indicated Light

It is possible to check the condition of the alternator charging system and battery life span by checking the LED light on the voltage stabilizer. Refer to the image for understanding how it work. Accuracy +/- 0.2v


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