Qmax Nano Air is capable to enhance braking system’s effectiveness, it works on the brake system with ‘Intake Manifold Vacuum Hose’ attached to master pump.”

Qmax Nano Air is designed to energizing air particles. It would make particles smaller and more active, converts more helium, increasing total burning surface area, helps gas burning in engine, improve combustion, with sufficient helium would result in sharper suction, decreasing stopping distances. After installation, It provides the engine the protection from wear and tear, less carbon accumulation, increase engine lifespan, lowering maintenance cost, complete combustion, significant reduce exhaust emission and environmental friendly.

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Engine Reaction : Less Noise

Brake Reaction : More Sensitive Brakes

Gas Peddle Reaction: Increase Speed Faster

Deposed Gas Reaction : Smell Better

What is difference between Qmax Nano Air compare to others? 

Qmax Nano Air


Increase car response

Less or no effect on car response

Warranted of 250,000 Km ( or 5 years)

No effect in braking system

Imrove braking power (brake system with intake manifold vacuum hose)

Chemical based

Prolong use weill gradually reduce carbon built-up

No effect on reducing carbon built-up

Better fuel economy

May increase fuel consumption

Installation Qmax Nano Air

Remove air filter from engine and flip it to air intake side.

Put clips on the edge of Qmax Nano Air.

Open the clip slightly, plug in to air filter.

Repeat step 1-3 on other Nano Air pieces make sure all are clip on firmly.

Online Warranty (5Years Warranty)

Note: The number of Qmax Nano Air required is depending on the displacement of engine,or form of an air filter. The allowable area covered by Nano Air is up to 40%.

Qmax Nano Air clamp on factory machine [Middle East Dealer]

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