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SIRIM QAS International Report (Improve Horsepower)

Increase HP up to 14.8%

On this test, a sedan petrol car of Proton Saga BLM is being loaded onto Dyno machine to measure the power and torque output. The test is carried out on before and after install Qmax products. First, the maximum output is measured without Qmax product on. Then, the step is repeated with Qmax products on. Every test, the reading are taken.


SIRIM QAS International Report (Emission Reduced)

Reduce Emission up to 46.8%

The reading on smoke produced is 96%, indicating of high level of black smoke emission being produced. After installed with Qmax items, the reading of the smoke produced is significantly reduced to 50% only. Without modification. This also contribute to improved engine performance, better fuel economy and environmental friendly.

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