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Increase HP up to 14.8% PETROL ENGINE

SIRIMQAS International Report
(Report no: 2010MA0871(A)dated 01/12/2010 )

A sample of Fuel Saving Devices branded: Qmax, has been sent for testing at SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 2010MA0870 Test Report Number (A) dated December 1, 2010 ”

The results without Qmax Products Before : maximum horsepower is reached at 5000 RMP, with the output of 70.5Hp

The results with Qmax Product After : maximum horsepower is now reached at only 2950 RPM, with output of 80.9Hp

The items used for the best consists of [THREE] 3 Categories:

✓ Voltage Management System : Qmax Voltage Stabilizer & Qmax Nano-Tech Grounding Cables

✓ Fuel Management System : Qmax Nano Energy Saver

✓ Air Management System : Qmax Nano Air

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